Management International: Introduction

Management International is an accomplished professional engineering corporation serving clients in diverse industries, services in both the public and private sectors.  Our philosophy in 1971 was to provide senior level consulting, professional management, engineering, and training to our clients, drawing on knowledge and experience acquired in management science, environmental science, computer science and engineering.


Management International has maintained its original philosophy while acquiring a reputation of quality, professionalism, results and congenial working relationships.


The strength of Management International lies in its people, both professional associates and business affiliates.  All are of a senior level and have achieved professional recognition in their specialty.:



Our Approach

Clients retain us for our specialized skills, broad capabilities and past performance in producing quality results.  Some ask us to help define problem areas, develop plans and objectives, and to implement and audit programs.


  •  Assignment Phases 

o Client Interviews - to develop an understanding of client's environmental objectives and policies and establish the professional rapport and personal chemistry of client representatives of Management International.

o On-site  Survey - Visually inspect buildings and ground, documentation and facilities to gather data on policies, procedures, and the methods and techniques used in daily operation.


o Client Review - Management International review of
proposal to define our understanding, approach, analysis of survey data and targeted deliverables.  Often cost considerations and initial survey data will converge to determine a 'least burdensome' approach.


o Phase I Audit & Appraisal - An in-depth environmental audit, study and analysis tailored to the clients legal needs to accomplish 'Due Diligence' as previously determined at the client review. Deliverables would include a Professional Engineer certified letter attesting to Management International's findings regarding environmental hazards. Also, a detailed report defining objectives, approach, findings, conclusions and recommended program. An appendix will include the necessary facts to support the findings.


o Program - Assist, manage or completely implement
the recommended program.


We take special care in communicating with clients - clarifying objectives, determining the exact scope of the project, and the economics of the assignment. Most important -WE LISTEN.



Our Services

We are a full-service consulting group. See an overview of our services.