Management Consultants & Professional Engineers

Our Environmental Engineering Services and Program Management Services provide school districts, property owners, building managers, lenders, developers, lawyers, boards and governments confidential 'least burdensome' solutions to environmental audits, surveys, reviews, risk assessments, Phase I/II/III Audits, studies, sampling/testing, reports, technical specifications, training, public relations, strategic planning, engineering and project management.


We provide 'Due Diligence' for asbestos, RTK stored chemicals, IAQ, lead, radon, UST/AST storage tanks, hazardous waste, mold and site/building investigations.


Management International is an accomplished management consulting company serving clients in diverse industries in both public and private sectors.  Our Program Management Services offers training in management science techniques including multi-project management, inter-relationships of tasks, resource allocation, and development of critical paths with the ability to control schedules and costs and reporting at the executive level.

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